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Mason’s Chicken N Seafood restaurants established

over 20 years ago are one of the best local restaurants that supports its community by hiring local employees. Mason’s restaurant offers a great tasting menu to its customers, depending on their varied tastes.

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Our Menu Features Fried Catfish, Chicken tender, Chicken wings, pork chop, fried shrimp, grill catfish, tilapia, shrimp, chicken, and pork chop and they are served with different types of delicious side items such as crinkle cut fries, fresh slaw, baked bean, potato salad, fresh green salad, fried okra, fried onion ring.

Fried Pork Chops

2 pcs $10
3 pcs $13
4 pcs $16
5 pcs $19

Chicken Tenders

6 pcs $6.60
4 pcs $7.70
6 pcs $9.60
8 pcs $11.99

Fried Shrimp

6 Pcs $7.70
9 Pcs $11.10
12 Pcs $15.40

Colossal Fried Shrimp

6 Pcs $14
9 Pcs $18
12 Pcs $24

Fried Tilapia

1 Pcs $6.60
2 Pcs $9.2
3 Pcs $12.19
4 Pcs $14.29

Our Online Order

Sea food

Natonia Chatman
Natonia Chatman
The Service is Impeccable at this establishment. I Really did enjoy how fast the service was, and how fresh the food was. Our order came out Pipping 🔥!
Dreesdog7 “Dreesdog7”
Dreesdog7 “Dreesdog7”
Dont ask
Dont ask
Gas station hole in the wall food bang harder. Dogs don't even deserve this
Juaneda Jackson
Juaneda Jackson
Maybe 2 1/2 , I really like masons but the only thing I EVER get is their 2piece fish fillet deal bcz its really good and good price. But a tip is to ALWAYS call ur order in al you don't have the loonnnggg wait. I've had their chicken tenders before but they had a lot of fat and weren't crispy, batter was damp. Customer service is not good at all, its like the girls feel like they know they won't lose their job for poor service
Ernest Lanas
Ernest Lanas
konisha Gaines
konisha Gaines
Ronald Batiste Jr
Ronald Batiste Jr
Shunnie Pooh Heru
Shunnie Pooh Heru
Keep driving on up the road to thibadeauxs. Mason’s charges too much to be serving swai and what they call “flavors” for the chicken wings, is really just a huge lump of seasoning on ONE side of SOME of your fried wings. The “wings” are cut up wing portions. Not sauced, but look like someone knocked over the spice container in your plate. Do better, Mason’s. My pic is of Cajun and lemon pepper wings.
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
Food is cooked to perfection
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams
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